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Anew Face Cleanser Brush Set

Anew by Avon is a new vibrating cleansing brush. Ultra-soft bristles gently yet effectively remove impurities removing dirt and oil embedded beneath your skin’s surface.
Suitable for use twice daily for fast rejuvenation or as part of your full beauty regime to transform your complexion. Anew dramatically improves tone and texture, while reducing pores,
oily patches, dry areas and leaves your skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and delightfully pampered. It’s safe for all skin types and
leaving skin feeling softer and noticeably brighter and refreshed.

Dampen facial skin and brush head with water. Dispense your cleanser onto hands and massage onto face. Turn cleansing brush on and gently move it around your face in a circular motion
for approximately 1-2 minutes. Avoid eye area. Rinse face with water. Remove and rinse the brush head then reattach it to the unit to dry.